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Our First Aid Courses

Cowichan Valley Training Centre is proud to partner with St. John Ambulance, Canada’s leading First Aid and Safety charity since 1911.
St. John Ambulance focuses all of their efforts to ensure people are SET™ with Safety Education & Tools at work, home and play.
Offering the most comprehensive, state-of-the-art first aid and CPR training programs for the workplace, the home and the community, St. John Ambulance is the only national first aid training provider recognized in every Canadian province and territory. They work closely with provincial, territorial and federal regulatory agencies and many of the regulators use St. John Ambulance to set the standard by which other first aid trainers operate.
Through Training & Products, their impactful Team and History, and dedicated Community Charitable Services, St. John Ambulance is the Safety Partner for every resident in British Columbia.

First Aid

Our St. John Ambulance First Aid Training programs include:


CPR Training
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